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You Are Here Blog Tajlyn's Blog May 14, 2014

It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood. Saw some great artists over the weekend at an Artcoustic show. Fun times, really fun times. For those of you who are curious about what an Artcoustic show is this next paragraph will answer your question.

An Artcoustic show is a concert that appeals to multiple senses. There is an acoustic musician on stage as well as one or more visual artists. That could be painters, sculptors, glass blowers, anything. And if they play at a restaraunt then you can eat as well. Score! This instance there were two painters on stage while each artists/duo played their set.

Everyone was amazing. The visuals of the painters were insane. There was one artist who painted on a skateboard deck what looked to be some kind of snake or reptile eating its own eyes. Very cool. The other artist painted a man playing guitar, lefty, and used white for shadowing. Which was neat because the guitarist in the picture was black. It was reverse to the typical shadowing that one usually sees. My apologese for not remembering their names. I will find that out asap! Look out for next week's post.

To the ears the show was just as great. There were three acts, Rich Lawson, Lowbrow, and Adrian Bellue. Great show, definitely. Rich with his raw-soulful-blues, Lowbrow's fun-folky-lowbrow creative lyrics, and Adrian Bellue's crazy "guitar drum set", it was a great show. Amazing musicians and amazing artists. That's what makes an Artcoustic Show a show one must experience in their life. It's a show for almost all the senses. Crazy. Go see one if you have a chance.

Cheers, Tajlyn

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