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You Are Here Blog Tajlyn's Blog April 16, 2014

Right on! Phase one of the pre phase, or what ever I said about two weeks ago is complete. That is, I made the deposit for the Farmer Foot Drum Kit. My feet will be kickin out some beats in about six to eight months!

So what to do till then? It's kind of similar to when I first started playing drums. I learned a beat on my cousin's set at a Christmas party they were having. It was pretty much a bummer when I found out because I would have ask for a drum set for Christmas if I knew I could even play. But, what I also learned from that experience is that you do not need a drum set to practice drum beats. Not at all. The antidote for a missing drum set is... AIR DRUMS.

Oh yes, I played the crap out of my air drum kit. Day in and day out. Especially during my visits to the education station (school). Learned some pretty cool beats during science class for sure. When there's a beat there is a way.

Since I'll be playing this new set with my feet, the air drumming will be focused on the ground. I don't want to call it tap dancing, I guess it will be called floor drumming. Not unless One is to sit in the "V" position, during ab exercises, and work on their feet beats while their feet are in the air. Things to think about. (Pondering face). Give it a try and see what beats you can make with your feet.

Cheers, Tajlyn

Tajlyn Rockin' It Blog 2.26.14

Photography by Tajlyn

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