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You Are Here Blog Tajlyn's Blog February 12, 2014

There is an art to being a traveling, semi-nomadic musician. I haven't quite mastered it yet. I mean, geeze, this is only my first trip I'm about to take. Give me a break. That was directed towards me from me, don't worry about it.

That being said, I am about to fly in a few weeks, and I'll be gone for a few weeks. I have to take my guitar. No questions. It would be absolute torture to not play for a few weeks. One week is pushing it. You know, I haven't really tested out this theory. I'm just imaging what it would be like to stop playing for long periods of time. Not the definition of determined accuracy on a matter. Maybe one day I'll test it out. But for now it's out of the question.

From my readings, I have come across some articles of people saying how emotionally unsettling flying with an instrument is. If I had it my way I would take all my instruments. Who knows what type of person I would become on the flight worrying about what they could possibly be doing to my precious cargo in the belly of the beast that is called the airplane. It might cause some permanent damage. So I'll settle for one, possible a second tiny instrument. Or two. I need midget instruments. Seriously, I'm only five one. They are very hard to find.

So the countdown to my journey will consist of me finding out the perfect baggage equation to end up to my destination musical instrumentally satisfied. Hell, I'm going on vacation, I should enjoy myself for crying out loud. Where there is a guitar there is a way. (I found a folding guitar company called Voyage Guitars. Totally awesome! In time, my next/last guitar purchase. Don't want to overload.) Don't let the man get you down. And eat your vegetables. Sincerely.

Cheers, Tajlyn

Tajlyn Blog January 29, 2014
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